Lots-of-Garlic Chicken

1Tbsp Olive Oil

4 Chicken breasts

½ cup chicken broth

½ dry white wine

25-30 Montana Stinking Rose Garlic cloves, peeled

Salt and pepper and chopped fresh parsley to taste

Heat oil in frying pan. Add chicken and cook, covered, over medium to high heat until browned, abut 5-7 minutes. Turn chicken and continue cooking until browned on the other side. Discard fat. Add broth, wine and garlic. Cover and simmer for about 15 minutes. Turn chicken and continue simmering until chicken is done, about 15 more minutes or until juices are clear. Transfer chicken to platter and boil juices over high heat until about 1/3 cup remains. Spoon juices over meat, salt and pepper to taste and garnish with parsley

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